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Posted on February 14, 2012     

Apart from some of us in the blogosphere, Americans go about their daily live with no cognition that their freedoms are being eroded away. There is no perception that they are any less free today than they ever were. And that, I believe, is by design.

Our constitution exists to protect us from our government, to protect our unalienable rights and, to limit the power of our government in Washington. Yet today our government pays little heed to this sacred document.

While I was recovering from retina surgery to my only, I managed to read my favorite blogs every day. Looking over the top of the gas bubble that was in my eye and using the Window’s virtual magnifying glass, I would spend over an hour reading a typical post. we old retired folks have plenty of time on our hands and I made use of it to stay up with my internet friends.

There are a handful of blogs that for me are a must read every day. One of those is the Bunkerville blog. Back in January, Bunker put up this post about the doings of Cass Sunstein, one of Obama’s czars who is no friend of our constitution. If you missed this article, you really need to give it a read. For now let me share his closing paragraph:

Continued Sunstein: “We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.” Full story at WND

Mr. Sunstein really doesn’t like those who support conspiracy theories. Hmmm. That means me, doesn’t it? Mr. Sunstein has no qualms what so ever on spying on Americans that have a difference in opinion with our government.

But Sunstein is not the only out-of-control czar in this administration. Rereading Bunker’s post today, I read the comments for the first time. One of the commentors, Wilma Frank, sheds some light on some of the other czars:

The rest of the list:

Daniel Fried Guantanamo Closure Czar Human Rights activist for Foreign Terrorists. Believes America has caused the war on terrorism. Believes terrorists have rights above and beyond Americans.

Nancy-Ann DeParle. Health Czar Former head of Medicare / Medicaid. Strong Health Care Rationing proponent. She is married to a reporter for The New York Times.

Vivek Kundra Information Czar Born in New Delhi , India . Controls all public information, including labels and news releases. Monitors all private Internet emails. (hello?)

Todd Stern International Climate Czar Anti business former White House chief of Staff- Strong supporter of the Kyoto Accord. Pushing hard for Cap and Trade. Blames US business for Global warming. Anti- US business prosperity.

Dennis Blair Intelligence Czar Ret. Navy. Stopped US guided missile program as “provocative”. Chair of ultra liberal “Council on Foreign Relations” which blames American organizations for regional wars.

George Mitchell Mideast Peace Czar Fmr. Sen from Maine Left wing radical. Has said Israel should be split up into “2 or 3 ” smaller more manageable plots”. (God forbid) A true Anti-nuclear anti-gun & pro homosexual “special rights” advocate

Kenneth Feinberg Pay Czar Chief of Staff to TED KENNEDY. Lawyer who got rich off the 911 victims payoffs. (horribly true)

Cass Sunstein Regulatory Czar Liberal activist judge believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”. Essentially against 1st amendment. Rules against personal freedoms many times -like private gun ownership and right to free speech. This guy has to be run out of Washington !!

John Holdren Science Czar Fierce ideological environmentalist, Sierra Club, Anti business activist. Claims US business has caused world poverty. No Science training.

Earl Devaney Stimulus Accountability Czar Spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens. Believes in Open Borders to Mexico . Author of statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico .

J. Scott Gration Sudan Czar Native of Democratic Republic of Congo . Believes US does little to help Third World countries. Council of foreign relations,asking for higher US taxes to support United Nations

Herb Allison TARP Czar Fannie Mae CEO responsible for the US recession by using real estate mortgages to back up the US stock market. Caused millions of people to lose their life savings.

John Brennan Terrorism Czar Anti CIA activist. No training in diplomatic or gov. affairs. Believes Open Borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists and has suggested Obama disband US military A TOTAL MORON !!!!!

Aneesh Chopra Technology Czar No Technology training. Worked for the Advisory Board Company, a health care think tank for hospitals. Anti doctor activist. Supports Obama Health care Rationing and salaried doctors working exclusively for the Gov. health care plan

Adolfo Carrion Jr. Urban Affairs Czar Puerto Rico born Anti-American activist and leftist group member in Latin America . Millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx , NY. Owns many lavish homes and condos which he got from “sweetheart” deals with labor unions. Wants higher taxes on middle class to pay for minority housing and health care

Ashton Carter Weapons Czar Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US destroyed. Supports UN ban on firearms ownership in America .. No Other “policy”

Gary Samore WMD Policy Czar Former US Communist. Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith. Has no other “policy”.

Americans should be very worried about what is going on in their government. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are walking around in ignorant bliss.

Our constitution has been under attack since the day it was ratified. But never more blatantly than when Republican President, George W. Bush, took advantage of our collective fear after 9/11 to impose upon us the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act received overwhelming bipartisan support and continues to be renewed with bipartisan support. Where is the outrage?

Our current president, Barack Obama, has eagerly followed in the footsteps of his predecessor. Besides the evil doings of his Marxist czars, Obama has blatantly ignored the constitution on a regular basis, he ignores the orders of federal courts all the way up to the Supreme Court, he ignores Congress and, he ignores the will of the people. He has an agenda and that is all that matters to him. Through the National Defense Authorization Act, he gained the power to detain citizens “suspected” of being terrorist without due process. Where is the outrage?

The most recent attack on our rights and the constitution comes to us by way of Obamacare, which in itself is an affront to the constitution. Obama is insisting that religious institution violate their beliefs (protected by the first amendment to the constitution) to provide women’s right to contraception and the morning after pill (abortion). This time there is outrage. It is coming from the leadership of the Catholic Church and other religious leaders and from social conservatives. Does Obama care? Not in the least. Obama and Axelrod have made the political calculation that they will have the support of the majority of women in November and they were never going to have the votes of the social conservatives anyway. So for Obama it is a net win. Is he right? He may very well be right. If the outrage remains confined to the social conservatives, then he has made a strategically good move. Unless more Americans recognize that this has nothing to do with “women’s rights” and everything to do with an attack on a fundamental pillar of our constitution; unless the outrage spreads dramatically, Obama’s agenda will take another giant step forward.

Yes, I am questioning if America is still the land of the free and I am question if our constitution still has relevance.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?