Welfare Humor that Will Get You -ahem- Teed Off

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Welfare Humor that Will Get You Pissed Off

FROM INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY        February 16, 2012 by Dan Mitchell

After a series of posts making fun of libertarians (here, here, here, here, and here), it’s time to aim some humor at the left. Even if it means a lame pun in the title.

This poster is funny, but it also makes a serious point about whether there should be behavioral restrictions on people who want to live off taxpayers (sort of akin to the debate about whether food stamp recipients should be allowed to buy junk food).

My view is that the answer to the welfare problem is decentralization. Let fifty states and thousands of communities take responsibility for redistribution policy.

This will mean diversity and innovation, which will help give us answers to how to help the genuinely needy with ripping off taxpayers and/or trapping poor people in lives of dependency.

Maybe drug testing is a good idea. Maybe it’s not. But we won’t find out with a one-size-fits-all policy from Washington.

This interview and this video have more information for those who want a more detailed look at anti-poverty issues.


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