Update made 8-1-2017 in green font.

Employeers use these for verifying your “candor” when applying for sensitive positions. That isn’t so unexpected.   BUT… For a price, anyone can “reach out and touch you”

I followed up on some sites that (I’m a betting man) have you listed. This is from an old search, but ought to remain valid as an example of what you may find, and WHY my WEB DEAD link is useful:

Here’s the “scoop”:

I’d turned up “Zero” on Spokeo. Fortunately outdated info; however, they had all my previous addresses, and they are very intrusive. (link at bottom to see if you’re in their database) Intelius.com had me. (fortunately outdated) Here is their removal policy if you find you’re on their database:

As a courtesy we allow you to opt out your personal information from our Website. What this means is that your name as it appears in a particular record and the associated identifying information such as your address and phone number will be suppressed if you request this in the manner described below. However, please note that any time your identifying information appears in a public record or in a publicly or commercially available manner, in a way that is different from the particular record you opted out, it will again appear on our Website. For example, if your address or area code changes, your new information — including other associated identifying information — will again appear unless you opt out the new record. Similarly, if the way in which your name or address appears in a record differs from a record you opted out (e.g., “Michael” instead of “Mike,” or “1212 Second AVE NE” instead of “1212-2nd Avenue Northeast”), we may include the differing record. In addition to this Website, there are many other companies offering public records search services, and your request that we opt out your information from this Website will not prevent your information from appearing on these other services.

In order for us to suppress or opt out your personal information from appearing on our Website, we need to verify your identity. To do this, we require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a state issued ID card or driver’s license. If you are faxing a copy of your driver’s license, cross out the photo and the driver’s license number. We only need to see the name, address and date of birth. We will only use this information to process your opt out request. Please fax to 425-974-6194 and allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request. We will only process opt out requests received by fax and no request will be processed without complete information (i.e., name, address and date of birth). Requests for opt out will not be processed over the phone or via email.                                                  

Complicated piece of ! isn’t it?

Also, Google (nosey B’s) had me listed when I had joined [action group]:

”     ‘s” Page  on [action group] [outdated; now they are -different organization-]

Again, the above was a hyperlink.

However, you had to join the group to see my profile. AND I STILL USED A PSEUDONYM.  See why a ‘lil paranoia is healthy?

Note: I don’t provide personal details on [social site]; though I’d adjusted my parameters on [another social site] for this reason.

Google also had me listed at Drivl,.com: www.drivl.com/users/profile/[name]

SEE why I use a pseudonym? [Again outdated; I finally was able to erase that account after posting a biting blog entry about their refusal to comply w/ my request!]

Zabasearch.com is troublesome:

[had my name] Born [had month and year] [“GET THE DIRT” HYPERLINK HERE} “check for”, “email address”, and “google” hyperlinks were here.

(I had to remove and substitute what was listed as they were still live links!)

“st address” “neighborhood and property report” links were here. Record Created: [month and yr]
“city,state, and zip” “phone” here. “confirm phone and address” here.
“background check on” here. name was here. ALL WERE HYPERLINKS.

Fortunately, the links had been connected to Intelius;  They had addresses going way back (lived in another state), none were current. They also had a listing showing my -parent-, deceased for (number of yrs) and isn’t that “get the dirt” link obnoxious???


Remember, this was just a simple person search; for $39.95, they will give up all info they have on anyone.  Everyone… LET THAT SINK IN;  everyone should use an ANONYMOUS search engine, such as Duck Duck Go for searches; unless you’re a gazillionaire, in the public arena anyway, use a pseudonym.  Do not provide any personal info. It’s a Jungle out there.