PAN members Canales and Reynoso: We are united to save our country

“X” here; Two legitimate Americans of latino descent “lay it on the line”. Because of culture, their syntax is a bit different; however their point is easily understood. Two inspiring PAN Patriots:





Help us to spread the truth, pass this on and help us to take our country back.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. (Maximilien Robespierre). Please take a few minutes and learn what you can do for our country.

Fellow Americans, will you vote for a pathological liar?. Obama is just that, this man is a liar, has not shame, nor values; he is destroying our country and will leave a huge economic burden for generation to come. Obama during his presidential term had set an unpleasant fiscal landmark a debt legacy for our future generations, during his 44 months in power he manage to expend more than 5 trillions Dollars on economic stimulus programs that benefit his cronies but fail to create jobs for Americans. Obama’s expending frenzy increased our National debt to 16.35 trillions Dollars, this financial obligations will cost the American people over 500 billions in interest per year. Because we fail to create jobs our real unemployment is 15.9 % and our GDP is 15.4 trillions Dollars per year; less that our national debt (16.35 trillions Dollars).

Obama’s solution to this financial catastrophe that will make us economic slaves for generations to come is more expending, he force on us the famous Obama’s care that is an economic burden on every one and is a program that is unsustainable, his immigration policy encourage more illegal immigration and more expenses, his foreign policy also ad more to our national debt, Obama’s economic policies is a disaster and will not get better because he do not have a clue of what needs to be done to change this path of selves destruction, he is not a leader, good talker that manage to convince people that it is not inform about what is going on in our country.

Fellow Americans as Americans we have the responsibility to stand for our country and due what we must do to get our country on the right path, this will be our legacy the salvation of our country for the benefit of our future generations.

Please do your research and vote for the future of our country. The following are the main issues that destroy our economic:

1- Free trade, out sourcing our jobs and exporting our technology and capital to produce goods for the US market and destroy our manufacturing infrastructure and demise millions of American jobs.

2- Our foreign policy objective, that is the military intervention and the overthrowing of legitimate elected governments for the protection of American’s Multinational corporation interest, under the pretense of national security.

3- Illegal immigration, the failure of the Bush and Obama’s administration to enforce our immigration laws and the promotion of an exodus of Mexicans into the USA.

 Unfortunately, to fix this mess will take some time and a huge commitment and sacrifice. We must stop this expending frenzy, balance our budget and pay our national debt, review our trade policies to create jobs for Americans, enforce our immigration laws and cut on social services, no more handouts, people on welfare that is able to work must attend job training classes and do community service to pay for welfare received the only people that will get free assistance will be the old and the incapacitate to work. This United states should not engage in military interventions and congress should vote and declare war if need be, we must protect our country from our enemy, but we will not engage on any more wars under the pretense of national security. Our right to defend our country and our sovereignty should be clear so should not be misunderstand by any foreign country. It is clear that Americans across the country, people of all ages and different ideologies are willing to work together and make difficult budget cuts as long as there is share sacrifice and with all options on the table to deal with this deficit reduction. Fiscal reform will be difficult, but we can do it if we are united to save our country from this economic collapse.

Spread the word let the people know .………………

The Fredom Movement – posted by Juan Reynoso –

We must strengthen the federal government by redirecting its time, energy and resources toward those objects for which it bears express constitutional responsibility. Our Government is a government of limited and enumerated powers. The power not delegated to the federal government by the written Constitution is reserved to the states or to the people respectively.

We must stop the trashing of our Constitution and end the Obama’s Nazism dictatorship type of Government.


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