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Let me begin by quoting John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime” and the up-dated edition “More Guns, Still Less Crime”-

“In the last 50 years where a gun was used to kill three or more people every time but one was in a “Gun Free” zone!




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Common-Sense and Facts.

My Grandfather, William Otto Wallenmeyer, was known to say, “Common-sense isn’t that common anymore.”

Within the world of Liberals, so-called “Moderates” and so-called “Mavericks” this is quite true.

A “Moderate”, particularly one who still thinks Obama is doing “o.k” is neither a Conservative, NOR a friend of Common-sense.

So let me make some common-sense points and see if this may further educate the Liberalism out of The Liberal, “Moderate” and “Maverick”…here goes-

[NOTE: These Principles of Conservatism, i.e. Common-Sense, work equally well with the playground bully, the home-owner with a gun to the rogue Muslim/Marxist nation with a Nuke.]

Scenario 1.
My youngest brother was only 5 years old (I was 15). He was out playing when 4 of the neighborhood boys, all older, surrounded my brother and began to threaten and taunt him. He came in to me crying…

A) I could have gone out there and took care of them myself. In some cases that would be needed. But then these older bullies would have jumped my little brother later when he was ALONE and tore him to shreds.

B) I could have said “Ignore them. They’ll eventually go away and leave you alone.” THAT is stupid and wrong. It has never worked…ask Neville Chamberlain…or me, because that is what my dad told me and it NEVER worked. “Ignoring them” marks you as an easy mark…and they will continue to bully you until they are made to stop.

C) What I DID tell him was go back out and play. WHEN they gather around again, and they WILL gather around again, the one who is doing the most talking sock as hard as you can in the belly…they’ll ALL leave you alone. He went out and, sure enough, the bullies gathered around again. The “Big talker” started his threats, and my little brother gave him what for! (I was standing at the door watching ready should I be actually needed). They ALL left my kid brother alone…and eventually became friends.

The Lesson-
Weakness (crying, getting “big brother”, running away, ignoring the threat) marks you as THE Easy Target…you WILL be victimized until YOU stand up for yourself.

Scenario 2.

An armed gunman is doing “recon”, scouting out an area to “go postal”. Is the armed gunman likely to pick:

A) The Local National Guard Armory,

B) The Police Station,

C) A home in a neighborhood with window stickers saying home-owner HAS A GUN,

D) or a “Gun Free” Zone?

Scenario 3.

Some rogue nation/group has a Nuke and/or other WMDs, oh, let’s just use Iran, N. Korea, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah for examples. They make repeated threats and PROMISES to nuke us to molten slag, do we:

A) Trust that that we can somehow reason with frothing mouthed maniacs,

B) Trust that we can appease, negotiate and via sanctions convince Militaristic madmen bent on destruction from killing us,

C) That if we be nice and do all we can to get along with them and ignore the mean, ol’ Nukes they have headed our way, that they will re-think their hatred of us and become our buddies and pals,

D) OR are we going to have to sooner-rather-than-later HAVE to directly deal with this in a manner that will actually prevent them from killing us…all of us?

What America’s Founding Fathers Said.

Fisher Ames, Massachusetts Representative wrote:
” The RIGHTS of conscience, of BEARING ARMS, of CHANGING THE GOVERNMENT, are declared to be INHERENT IN THE PEOPLE.”

Tenche Coxe wrote in his “Remarks on The First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution”, which appeared in the Philadelphia Gazette in June 1789:

Joseph Story, 1833 U.S. Supreme Court Justice wrote:
” The RIGHT of a CITIZEN to KEEP and BEAR ARMS has JUSTLY been considered the palladium of The Liberties of The Republic, since it offers a STRONG MORAL CHECK AGAINST USURPATION and ARBITRARY POWER of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, ENABLE THE PEOPLE to RESIST and TRIUMPH OVER them!”

James Madison’s ORIGINAL draft of The Second Amendment:
“THE RIGHT of THE PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS shall NOT be infringed; a WELL ARMED and WELL REGULATED Militia being THE BEST SECURITY of a FREE Country.”

George Mason, “Father of The Bill of Rights”, wrote:
” WHAT is The Militia? It is THE WHOLE PEOPLE! To disarm THE PEOPLE is the best and most effectual way to ENSLAVE THEM!”

Thomas Jefferson’s commonplace book, 1774-1776, QUOTING from “On Crimes and Punishment” (1764) by CRIMINOLOGIST Cesare Beccaria:
“Laws that FORBID the CARRYING of ARMS…disarm ONLY those who are NEITHER inclined NOR determined to commit crimes…such laws make it WORSE for the ASSAULTED and BETTER for the ASSAILANTS; they serve rather to ENCOURAGE than to PREVENT HOMICIDES, for an UNarmed man may be ATTACKED with GREATER CONFIDENCE than an ARMED man.”

Switzerland has a National law that REQUIRES EVERY household to have at least one gun- RESULT: the LOWEST crime rate in the world. Whereas Washington D.C. has some the most Marxist, stringent, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL anti-gun laws- RESULT: D.C. is “The MURDER Capitol of the World”!

In the early 1930′s Nazi Germany disarmed the German Citizenry which lead DIRECTLY AND QUICKLY to their OPPRESSION and GENOCIDE! Stalin and Mao did THE SAME THING respectivley in the USSR and China, also leading “purges”, i.e. GENOCIDE!!!

– If our Founding Fathers were present today they’d IMMEDIATELY ABOLISH the some 1,700 ANTI-2nd Amendment/ANTI-gun laws on the books!


Let me close by quoting John Lott once again-

“In the last 50 years where a gun was used to kill three or more people every time but one was in a “Gun Free” zone!





-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- Admin II.
“Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Benjamin Fraanklin.