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Dear Friend,
A new movie has been announced called “jesus of nazareth” (yes, the title is in lower caps). You might want to sit down before I tell you about it.
It’s based on a book of the same name and is the most blasphemous of the blasphemous movies that Hollywood has ever tried to force on American families.
The book presents the lie that Jesus was born because a Roman soldier raped a girl named Mary. But you and I can stop this movie from being made!Please click here to sign the petition to stop this horrible movie!
• In this fictional story, Jesus does no miracles.
• Jesus doesn’t know he is to die on the cross.
• Jesus is looking for a heaven on earth.
Then, it gets even worse.
As the movie goes on, Jesus dies. That part is true. But, Jesus does not come back from the grave! Like so many myths through the centuries, this blasphemous telling denies the resurrection!
We must stop this movie of lies!
Please click here to sign the petition to stop this horrible movie!
We’re Ready To Fight
We’re launching a petition campaign like we have never done before. We will influence the public through articles, videos and email exposes´. We are going to work to make sure this movie doesn’t get produced, must less released.
Your petition signature today will enable us to stop the lies about Jesus. The movie is being prepped now.
Please stop whatever you’re doing and sign the petition today.
God bless you!
Yours in Christ,
Ted Baehr