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Why do Christians Want to Defend Evolution?
Posted on October 27, 2012
In today’s feedback, to a theistic evolutionist who thinks that we don’t believe Christians can be evolutionists. DrDon Batten responds, pointing out that we have consistently said that evolutionists can be Christians because Christian belief is not defined by a denial of evolution (cf.Romans 10:9–10; 1 Corinthians 15:3–4 ), but they are nonetheless being logically inconsistent in believing in both. Rather, it continues to surprise us that Christians would want to defend evolution.
Andrew W., from Australia, writes:

In fact, I would say that not only does evolution not make sense of the evidence, it has been a decided hindrance to scientific progress

Hi there
Now, I know that you don’t exactly play nice with people like me (theistic evolutionists, or ‘evil-utionists’ as I am so colourfully labeled by creationists, including those in my family), but I was curious as to if we could sit down and have a little chat anyway. Now, I’m only nineteen years old, and I surely haven’t seen everything that this world has to offer, but I happen to have a keen interest in genetics and biology, which led to my understanding of evolution and the logic behind it. I prefer “understanding” to “belief”, as the latter implies a belief structure, whereas my acceptance of evolution was based on logic.
Anyway, that was just for contextual information. So, my question is: why am I not accepted by you as a Christian? I believe in Jesus, in a heaven and a hell and that God created the world-the only difference is that I believe we got here differently to you. Most, if not all Christian denominations have accepted evolution and taken it in stride, but creationists seem unable to accept the concept, but (from your Q&A section anyway) seems like you admit most of the basic concepts that build up to the topic of “evolution”, but you just have an aversion to that particular word. I mean, it’s not in the bible, so it’s against your belief, but motor cars, telephones or gravity weren’t mentioned either (to my knowledge)
So, why the hatred? As the great Charlie Chaplin said: “In the seventeenth chapter of saint Luke is it written: “The kingdom of God within Man. Not one man or a group of men, but in ALL men.”

CMI’s Dr Don Batten responds:
Dear Andrew,
Thanks for making contact and asking.
Firstly, I don’t know a speaker with CMI-Australia who calls evolutionists “evil-utionists” (although I have heard someone not connected with CMI say it this way). We normally say the ‘e’ as in “egg”. Most Americans also say it with the short ‘e’. However, speakers of British English normally say “evil-utionist” including evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins.

Secondly, I too have a keen interest in genetics and biology, which lead to my understanding of evolution and the lack of logic behind it. I have a PhD in plant biology and worked in full-time research for over 20 years (work I really enjoyed). You can read my biography on if you are interested. We have many PhD biologists either working for CMI or who support what we do. In fact, I would say that not only does evolution not make sense of the evidence, it has been a decided hindrance to scientific progress (I am preparing to write an article “How evolution harms science”. You can see a few things here, but there is much more to be told). Evolution is only really logical for someone who has decided that supernatural creation is ruled out, because then it is the only game in town and ‘has to be’….

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