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Answering Grandma Mildred

Posted on November 2, 2012


How do you answer a family member who challenges your faith? Here we present our responses to a skeptical grandmother’s national radio broadcast.

by David Catchpoole

A blogger on the Atheist Foundation of Australia website1 has drawn attention to a recent radio program on Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC:

Re: Media Watch-various relevant articles in the media

This is cool. And she is in Brisbane. A radio national program. Listen or transcript, it’s all good. And disturbing.



Mildred Studders, a grandmother from Brisbane, hoping to encourage her grandchildren to think for themselves, posed several questions to them by email. The replies she got were extremely surprising and worrying.

Clicking on the “grandmother confronts creationist beliefs” link reveals it was the Ockham’s Razor broadcast which went to air on the morning of 22 July 2012,2 a Sunday, when the vast majority of Christians in Australia would have been attending church.

This Radio National program is hosted by long-time atheopathic anti-creationist Robyn Williams, who has on several occasions used the weekly 15-minute timeslot as an opportunity to give taxpayer-funded airtime to people with an anti-creationist axe to grind.

He introduces the grandmother’s monologue with the question “What do you do when someone persistently gets the science wrong, not by mistake, but through wilful self-deception?” and concludes his intro with: “Should we worry about our credulous neighbours, or family? Well, Mildred Studders does. When I asked her how she should be described, she said simply ‘as a grandmother who lives in Brisbane’.”

We reproduce below the Mildred Studders transcript, in its entirety, in red font, with our own responses interspersed.

Go to :   http://creation.com/answering-grandma-mildred                                                                             An extensive article, a “must read”  X.

Read more: http://creationrevolution.com/2012/11/answering-grandma-mildred/#ixzz2BAy4NErl


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