Danger:  Christians in the Military June 04, 2013

You’re dangerous.  You’ve been designated as such.  I don’t mean you’re on some secret al-Qaeda list.  I’m not talking about your name on a Taliban manifesto.

I’m talking about our own federal government. The Obama administration. The United States Armed Forces.

A recent U.S. Army Reserve unit briefing included examples of religious extremism, and the government included-guess who:
Al-Qaeda, yes. The Hamas terrorists, yes. But also: Catholics … and Evangelical Christians.

Faith in Christ can now be considered “radical” by our federal government.
In yet another example of discrimination against Christians, an email from U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jack Rich to his subordinates stated: “Some of the groups out there do not share our Army Values.” The email went on to list groups that most Americans would agree do not share any of our values. Groups like neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, white nationalists, the Ku Klux Klan and others. But the list of groups didn’t stop there.
Lt. Col. Rich went on to list the American Family Association–and Family Research Council.

This kind of outrageous distortion is one more sign–one more alarming proof–that President Barack Obama is leading literally the most extreme anti-religious freedom administration in our nation’s history.
Need more proof?
We recently learned that the Obama Department of Defense is meeting with and heeding the advice of Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Why? He demanded that the military develop new policies on religious tolerance, including a policy for court-martialing

military chaplains who share the Gospel during spiritual counseling of our troops.What did Weinstein call conservative Christians in a recent article? “Human monsters” and “evil, fundamentalist Christian creatures.” What did he say motivates us? “Horrific hatred and blinding bigotry.”

The fact that military leaders even meet with him should concern every American.There is no question: These are dangerous times for those who believe our nation’s Founders got it right … for those who agree with Jefferson and Madison, who led the charge for religious liberty … to position it as paramount–the very first amendment in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

The Obama administration is engaged in a systematic effort to undermine religious liberty, and they are attacking most aggressively where they have the greatest advantage: in the nationally symbolic and massive military establishment under the control of the President as Commander in Chief.

Yes, I’ve heard the Army’s “apology” for including Catholics and Evangelicals in the list of extremists. (“We consider the matter closed,” said Army spokesman George Wright.)

But the trainer in question was resourced by none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)–the very organization that labeled FRC a “hate group,” and so inflamed Floyd Lee Corkins that he came to our headquarters with a gun–and the intention to commit mass murder.So it is evident that the Obama administration has strong allies in this conflict.

Bottom line: The Obama administration’s attacks on religious freedom no longer know any boundaries.

Which is why I come to you today with an urgent request for financial support. FRC Action is the organization confronting the administration over these outrages. We are working with leaders in both parties who love and cherish religious freedom. We are working to expose, stop, and reverse this ongoing, systematic attack on religious liberty … the one freedom from which all our other freedoms flow: freedom of religion.

I boldly urge you to give because we need $150,000 immediately in order to meet each and every attack on our First Amendment right which is Freedom OF Religion not freedom FROM

religion.Over the next 90 days we are ramping up pressure on congressional leaders to publicly state their full support for religious liberty in America, as our nation’s Founders intended.

That is why I am now asking you to sign this petition to your representative in the House and both of your senators. **

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Freedom of Religion is America’s hope and why our nation is so exceptional. And without religious freedom, there can be no political freedom. Please give generously today.

Sincerely, Tony Perkins President

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