Author’s note: This and many old posts updated 7-4-17.  Older Zionica posts for reasons unknown can’t be retrieved from the URL, including any image which used to be visible.

Infanticide is the new abortion. I’m not saying infanticide will be the new  abortion, but that it is. Wherever abortionists kill late-term babies—across the  fruited plain—inconvenient live births occur. And inconvenient live births are  taken care of. If your patient is shelling out a thousand bucks to end the life  of her baby, you are not about to send her home with a baby and a formula  starter kit.

Infanticide was the unseen presence throughout the Gosnell trial, formally  listed among the charges but never addressed until Judge Jeffrey Minehart sprung  an 11th hour surprise by spelling it out in his instructions to the jury. Till  then the two months of heated debate had seemed to be between murder and  innocence. When the judge finished his presentation, reporters rushed the  defense attorney for clarification. He tossed off a thumbnail sketch while  packing his suitcase: Murder involves killing; infanticide is withholding  help.

The judge had been more specific in his definition of infanticide: (1) the  defendant is a physician; (2) the physician attended the birth of a live child,  i.e., a “human being” who was “completely expelled from the mother” and  exhibiting signs of life; (3) the physician failed to provide that child care;  (4) the physician did so “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly.”

This took me back to the first week of April when a witness for the  prosecution described what she does at her hospital with aborted babies born alive: She administers “comfort care,” which turns out to be draping the baby  with a cloth “until it passes.” Why, that sounded positively Florence  Nightingale-like. Such wording does not conjure a struggle for life, or a  gasping for breath.
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